When the cops surround your house with about 5 patrol cars, and then start knocking on the door at 4:45 AM, it's usually to arrest the homeowner. I've learned over the years (in my forensic day job) that this early hour is the best time to grab the disoriented perp. And that's exactly what we were awakened to this morning.

The good news....So....at least they weren't there to arrest me.

The bad news.....apparently some local thieves have a "hi-end car ring" that have been stealing cars in the neighborhood. The cops had responded to a nearby car alarm when they actually saw some suspicious people milling around our two cars in the driveway....they attempted to detain them, but they got away. However, the cars had been broken into....some non-valuable items were taken (goodbye to Ginger's two pairs of sneakers....5 lb. dumbbells, and her entire "Jazzercize" travel bag"). So..we had a perimeter violation, and the cars had to be investigated for any clues...first by the local Montville police...later by the Morris County detectives.

Oh...some related good news....I didn't have to go to work today. I was told that the cars needed to be left in the driveway for investigative purposes. Called in, and was told that "emergency annual leave" is the proper type of category for my missed day at the Veteran's Administration Hospital.

Hey...I've been delaying for YEARS going to the local police department to drop off my completed firearms permit. I'm fully trained in the use and safe keeping of handguns....and I go to the range semi-regularly with my friends...but I've never owned a firearm. that will change. Hopefully, it will never be used. But...it will feel more secure knowing we have a locked firearm in the house available, if absolutely necessary. I'll pass on the assault rifle with more than 10 rounds in the clip....I'll decide on the proper caliber handgun that will be kept locked and secure and will hopefully only be used on the target range. However, this leaves a bad taste in your mouth, knowing your privacy and potential safety have been compromised.

So...I'll be home today interrogating my Airedale and trying to find out why he alerted us as soon as the police cars drove up.....but didn't say a word while the perps were screwing around with our cars in the driveway. Selective vigilance.