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Thread: The 'DUH' Question Thread

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    The 'DUH' Question Thread

    I have a Demotivator poster :

    But I'm not going to let that stop me, and neither should you.

    Do you have a question that you have often wondered about and felt that you might get frowned upon just for asking? Well, this is the thread.

    By posting in this thread, you agree not to belittle or denigrate a fellow member or their dumb question. It's ok to kid - but serious answers are actually wanted at some point.

    I'll start:

    I'm new to guitar. I can make it squeak out a few consecutive notes and even sometimes tease out a recognizable melody. My question is this: Do you really need 24 frets instead of 22 - how often are you right up there in the 24-sphere on any string but the high E?
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