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Thread: PRS 513 Bridge Pickup Problem

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    PRS 513 Bridge Pickup Problem

    Hi, when I use bridge pickup in clear humbucking position, there is no sound. I wondered if 3 way switch has problem, but when I use neck pickup in clear humbucking mode, there is no problem. I immediately took my guitar to the dealer (Do-Re Music Istanbul, Turkey). They couldn't understand why it could be? Noone knows the 513's wiring diagram, and there is no qualified employee to solve my problem. They were worried about the solder. I did not open back plate and I did not try to make any modification. How could it be done? If anyone knows how can it be repaired I need that knowledge. Thanks.

    Ahmet R.
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    Go to prs web site they have the wiring diagram mine had the same issue was a bad connection.

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