I know this isn't a PRS but i thought as guitarists it may still interest some of you

Not all that long a go I was given a beast of a guitar by the generous guys at Warman Guitars as part of our artist endorsement. Having gotten used to the 'Snowbird' and knowing it was right guitar for me, it was taken back to Warman HQ to be turned into a full custom model.

So here it is, my custom 'Warbird' by Warman Guitars

Spec is as follows;

Neck Through design,
Painted in Matte nato green with bare neck,
Brushed aluminium effect scratch plate and electronics covers,
Floyd Rose Bridge,
Axe Works Trem-stop
Warman Guitars dual chrome screw fixings,
Custom Warman Guitars 'Dominator' Quad-rail in the bridge position,
Custom Warman Guitars HBP-90 in the neck position,
Master Volume with pull to kill,
Master Tone,
3 way pick-up selector,
3 way mini-toggle for series/single coil/parallel in the bridge,
2 way mini-toggle for phase inversion in the bridge.

Most importantly, it is AWESOME and will be making its live debut infront of a huge crowd on the 23rd of feb when we support the legendary HELL at The Assembly Rooms in Derby!