So I've just been at the tremonti gig in Edinburgh. It was amazing. I'm a bit of a fanboy to be honest, but my god it was tight and powerful as hell!

Eric Friedman is a phenomenal player too, taking a few leads over the evening too which is cool. I love that he was able to take the spotlight at times.

Wolfgang really impressed me. That's not to say I had low expectations, but rather I knew what style of music he typically played with VH band and tremonti is a bit pacier to say the least. he's a great singer too. He handled some real difficult parts without looking troubled at all.

Garett on drums is a fuggin' machine. Best way to say it is he's as tight as a ducks arse.

As for the main man. Just wow. His vocals are just getting stronger. I can't wait for a 2nd solo album.

The really cool part - when I bought a t-shirt for the night I got a couple extra wee tickets. At the end of the gig, Mark was signing anything that people had bought from the store and meeting and greeting with anyone. No photos at least, but the queue was about 1h20 long by time it was all done.

I had a plan tho that I thought if I were last in queue, maybe he'd give me a pic? I know if he did it early on, he's get swarmed, so I waited till last in queue to ask.

I got one with the missus!!

I also bought a 2nd copy of the album so I could get all of them to sign it. I have a signed 8x10 signed by Eric, Mark and Garett, but this time I also got Wolfgang too.

I was making small talk with the guys too and said to wolfgang if I ever met "one direction" the crappy UK boy band, i'd kick them in the nuts for him after the rubbish they said to him and the other guys in a hotel in the UK. He laughed a whole lot. ALso, I was drawn to Eric's all white p22. It's gorgeous. Turns out it's his favourite too, he was telling me how he found it on a wall and had to have it there and then.

They didn't have to do any of that which is what's killer about it. Awesome heroes met.

Anyway, I know i'm a total giddy schoolgirl under it all when I meet heroes and inspirations, but hey, it's not every day you get to meet them!