Bear with me - a little background before I get to the goods...

So I've just finished Ken Caillat's book "Making Rumours" about the Fleetwood Mac album. On top of that, I also picked up the three-disc set of the new remaster of "Rumours". Has a disc of studio outtakes and demos, and a live disc. Lots of talk about how the band really picked up their game in this era, and how some songs from the "Fleetwood Mac" album took on a new life live. "Rhiannon" is one of those, and the live version of it in this package is really good. (Doing a radio mix of "Rhiannon" is how Caillat got started working with Mac.)

So here's where the good part comes...some years ago, I had started figuring out some of the riffs in "Rhiannon", but never enough to learn how to play it. Reading about it over and over had me wanting to play that stuff again and maybe work out a little more of it. So earlier this week, I picked up the guitar I keep in the living room - and I can't get it. Not the riff. Not the melody. Nothing. The only thing I've got right is I have a guitar, and there's guitar in the song. So, disappointing, but no big deal.

Fast forward to today. I went down to my gear to work some more on my cover of "Sofa" that I'm still working on. But I've had my Mini Muff Metal pedal sitting there to swap into my signal path to play with, so I decide before trying to record keyboard parts I'll plug that in. Make the connections, plug in a guitar and..."Rhiannon" comes out of it.

Now, I didn't think "I'm going to play 'Rhiannon'" or even that I was going to try to play it. I flipped the amp from standby to on, played four or five notes before it hit me what I was playing.

I frigging LOVE when that happens!

(And it put me in a good mood, which probably carried over to the keyboard parts because they came pretty quickly, even a couple I thought I would really struggle with. But it was one of those glorious days where I sat down for ten minutes and three hours went by.)