So it's no secret I'm a fan of PRS and love working with the team of guys in Paul's Tech Center (PTC). Well, after my last refinish went over so well I wasn't sure what I could do to ever top it. Then it hit me - a few years ago my friend Hans and I were discussing the logistics of transforming a 12 string to a 7 string. I'll spare you all the details, but that's what we did here. You can check out the build thread here.

I received the guitar a day or two ago and have been playing it NON stop. Since it was a conversion, the string spacing on this guitar is a little tighter than your typical 7 string, although not by much. After 5 minutes, I've fully adjusted and completely used to it and not for nothing, I think the smaller spacing has made me more accurate!

The finish is a custom color - it's their Jet White with a "contour burst" and white binding. The pickups are Bareknuckle Black Hawks that have been tweaked and run through PRS' 408 switching system (hence the mini toggles). We had to go with a blade pickup design and this fit my requirements as I've heard it was great split.

Tone report? You want a tone report? BAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMM. There's your tone report. Plugging it in and ringing out was like a truck crashing into the side of my face. It sounds MASSIVE, yet very clear and precise. I was a little curious about how the low B would sound on a shorter scaled 7 and I have to say that I have nothing but praise! I ran it through my Fractal at home for a few days and loved how it sound, but once I got to the studio I ran it through a 5150 and an FJA modded Peavy preamp and it made my hair stand. The coil splitting is fantastic and gets some of the most amazing tone's I've ever gotten before. Would you believe me that I got a nice, quaky strat sound on this guitar... because I did!

Again the notes are clear, the feel is tight but comfortable and the sound is huge. The bridge, which was custom milled by the PTC, is awesome. Super sturdy with great sustain and a comfortable feel.

The finish of this guitar is factory fresh - but you knew that. It literally looks like something that has been in production for years. We were originally going to go with Jet white only and a black back but Dave from PTC suggest the contour burst and I knew I had to go for it. I never really liked silverburst guitars but this just strikes me right in the heart. The clear looks like the guitar is encased in glass.

So to wrap it up, this project was amazing to be a part of and I am beyond grateful I somehow conned them into accepting it! The guys at the PTC are some of the most talented and creative people I've ever met. A lot of guys I think still have a hang up on PRS guitars and think they are just collector items and while it is true that they make some amazing pieces, you can also call them up and talk to customer service instantly. You can email them and have a response within an hour. You can send your beat up PRS to the PTC and have it adjusted, lightly modded or a piece of full blown insanity (a la this!).

I will also try and record some video clips for the curious but I'm pretty busy right now so it might have to be in the near future.

I'd like to thank Shawn for accepting this insane project, Skitchy for figuring it out and actually making it happen, Han's for coming up with the idea with me years ago on BAM, Dave and the rest of the PTC crew, Paul for creating PTC, Skitchy again because of how much work he did on it, and also Shawn again for swapping out the 12 string case for a gorgeous case from his personal collection. Thank you guys!!!!