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Thread: PRS P22 - compatability with ToneBone PZ-DI / PZ-Select

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    Question PRS P22 (pics&video L@@K!!!) - compatability with ToneBone PZ-DI / PZ-Select

    Hi everyone!

    Just bought a PRS P22 from Music49 and love it so far. I have a question. I'd like to have hands-free switching between the magnetic and piezo pickups and Tonebone sells a pedal for it (PZ-DI, newer one called PZ-Select). Does anyone have experience with this? Also, Does the PRS P22 MAG/MIX input jack accept TRS (tip-ring-sleeve) cables?

    Any replies are greatly appreciated.

    Who said PRS's don't get a great metal sound?!?!?! Jamming along to some Quicksand! Check it out!

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