I play loud rock and typically play a 50 watt head through an Egnater Tourmaster 4x12 with 4 Vintage 30s as the only guitarist in a 3 piece band.

I recently picked up a 2x12, it's a Bogner Alchemist that's open back and loaded with a G12H anniversary and a G12M greenback. Compared to my 4x12, it's not only lighter and easier to move around, it's also tighter sounding. I feel like my tone is more defined with it.

Finally, this weekend we ran through our set to get ready for a show this Friday and I played the 2x12 for the 1st part of the set. I felt like I was loud enough, and was digging how it sounded. The cab has so much less midrange, it's a more balanced tone and I can actually use the mid knob on my amp to dial things in better. The drummer and bass player weren't so thrilled. Halfway through practice I switched back to the 4x12 and all that fullness and big-ness was back and we sounded like us again. The drummer and bass player were much happier. I had to cut a bunch of midrange on my amp, and felt like although there was a lot added with the 4x12, I was less happy with the overall tone of it. It's just incredibly woofy in the mids and not tight sounding like the 2x12.

My question is how to find a common ground between the two. I have played Vintage 30s for years and years, and this Bogner is the 1st non-vintage 30 cab I've used in over a decade. Should I consider different speakers for the 4x12? Maybe a different 4x12 all together? The Tourmaster is made of OSB. Would investing in a better quality cabinet improve the tone by itself?