In what I now refer to as my old life, I founded and ran a law firm, went to court, dealt with clients and employees, wore a suit every day, and was basically an adult. I had fun in my time off, but my days were something to endure, not enjoy.

In my late 30s, I became a musician, let my creativity carry the day (that genie will never go back in the bottle) and hit the "restart" button on my professional life, and it felt to me like I was much younger. Starting something completely new will do that. I left my law practice. It revitalized me.

Now I'm fairly old, but although I kid around about age a lot, I hope my thinking hasn't ossified.

One day a few years back, I was producing a record for a young guy, and as we were talking in the studio about opening him up to some new ideas, my son was working on something with his computer in the back of the room. After my artist left, my son said, "You think like a young guy, and he thinks like an old guy! This whole thing is backwards."

After joking around in the "You know you're old when..." thread, I began to think, "I'm not really that curmudgeon."

Anyone else feel/think younger now than they did earlier in life?