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Thread: A few PRS Private stock Artist 3 semi hollow, production, and Cu22 semi hollow clips

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    A few PRS Private stock Artist 3 semi hollow, production, and Cu22 semi hollow clips

    As many here know from B&M I am sure, for me, PRS made the ultimate electric guitar when he came up with the semi hollow with trem guitars. These things give me tones that I have beem unable to achieve with any other guitar. When coupled with my old Dumble or the clone of it I had Quinn amps build for me, I am in tonal Nirvana. Here are a few clips showing what I think are very unique tones, and for my taste, give me the best tones I have ever had. The Arttist 3 semi hollow trems can do rock and even metal all day long, but in the neck pup, can give me jazz archtop type tones so authentic, I fool myself sometimes if I do not label the tracks. That's really amazing. I could never even do that with my old 335s or 339s. These tones are more on the rock/blues side of things. Hope you dig them half as much as I do, and consider checking one of these bad boys out if you get a chance! The older production Artist 3s sound just as good with the semi hollow/trem option.

    Here is the production CU22 semi hollow, which may be my favorite of all.

    My first private stock Artist 3 chambered BRAZ neck clean into Quinn amp. Nice deep archtop like tone from basically a CU22 body!

    Here is a sloppy, out of tune first take of jamming on the ClassicsV "Spooky" backing track. (PS Artist 3 semi hollowtrem)

    Here is the same guitar into an ethos overdrive pedal into a Bruno Cowtipper amp. The guitar is on the lead pup (Dragon 2) with the coils split. I dont like overdrive boxes, but the ethos is excellent!


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