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    Been Gassing... found a CE-22

    Hi all... I posted previously about how back in November, I picked up a lovely 2008 SE Singlecut as a present to myself (birthday), and how the next day, my wife bought me a new SE Tremonti because she wanted me to have a NEW guitar (this is after complaining I have too many... is there such a thing?). She doesn't understand guitars.

    Since that day, Ive been gassing for a US made PRS. After some wheeling and dealing of some other guitars, I brought home a sweet 2007 CE22. After a serious cleaning and setup...all I can say is WOW! Dragon II pickups are awesome. I was surprized it had bird inlays (most have dots), and in faded Matteo Blue.

    I'll be honest. It easily equals my Gibson... OK... surpasses it! (I would have traded the Gibson for it, but my wife thinks it is pretty. Again, she doesn't understand guitars)

    Here are the obligatory pics!


    Love this guitar!
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