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Thread: What's your Pedal GAS?

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    Foxrox Octron 2
    Check out Doug Rappoport shred up an Octron through a Friedman BE100 here.

    CatalinBread Echorec
    Check out Andy with ProGuitarShopDemos play the pedal here and here.

    And for good measure a Two Notes Torpedo CAB
    Ola Englund using it here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by John Beef View Post
    I have been hunting for the right modulation pedal forever it seems.

    After a rotovibe which was too bulky and ate through the batteries, I had a Lovepedal vibe, which was cool, but way too extreme, and with only one knob there was no way to dial it back.

    I briefly had a Line 6 M9 and it had this ring modulation setting that sounded soooooo cooool. However, the pedal itself didn't work for me with my size 14s, the buttons were too close together. I sing and play at the same time and need to be able to ballpark it.

    So, then I bought a boss PH-3 phase shifter. Sounded great straight into the amp, but lousy in the FX loop which is where I would want to put it.

    Still looking.
    I seen in this thread a couple of folks looking for the right rotovibe pedal. I strongly recommend the Hughes and Kettner Rotosphere. Having owned a Fender Vibratone ( which was licensed under Leslie) the H&K is as real as it gets. I was tired of lugging around the Fender/Leslie and started trying all sorts of vibe pedals, knowing full good and well that nothing beats the real thing. The H&K is the best and is as close if not spot on to the real things as it gets. You can pick them up used for 300.00. New for 550.00. No gimmicks, straight up leslie tone!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boogie View Post

    Yeah, right...

    ...give me some time
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    I am all gassed up, do not really have any desire for anymore at this time.
    Here is my current lineup.
    Of all of them, the Flashback X4 and the Whammy are my faves.
    I like using the octave below setting on the Whammy so when I play notes it adds in a note one octave below too.

    The TC John Petrucci Dreamscape pedal is pretty cool too, it has chorus, tremolo, flanger, ect.

    Hope these vids give you great amounts of GAS

    There are quite a few Flashback vids, but this guy goes into detail which each position of the knobs do.
    He has three videos, parts one, two , and three below.

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    I'd like to pick up a Tone Bender of some sort.
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