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Thread: iPad Multitrack Recording

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    iPad Multitrack Recording

    Does anyone use an iPad multitrack recorder? I'm considering one - but don't know which is the best. The prices are very reasonable, from $10 - $50. I'm looking for one with builtin drum and bass loops. Any thoughts or suggestions?
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    Can't offer any direct experiance but I've been keeping an eye out for tools to use with the IPad as well. Sweetwater has a nice set of video's demoing many of the current software and video devices, maybe you'll find what you are looking for there? :

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    I've made a few tunes on my iPad just using Garage Band. I also bought Amplitube but haven't used it to much yet. I use an IK Multimedia iRig for Guitar adapter and an iRig Keyboard that plugs directly into the iPad without any adapters. I use the keyboard to create drum beats as well as adding bass tracks. Very easy to use. You can also import backing tracks in MP3 format. There are a few drummers out there that have MP3 backing tracks using real drums that you can download and use for free (personal use only). Still learning - but it's very fun and rewarding.
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