Long time lurker, finally registered to post.

I've got this Blue Matteo Satin Singlecut that I love. Can't put it down. The blue is somewhat less green/turquoise than some I've seen and a little darker. A great color.


The other guitarist in my band has an SC245 that he feels similarly about. The problem here is his is whale blue. They sound very different and are very complimentary in the mix. I wouldn't want that to change.

It sounds kind of dumb, but the fact that they look so similar from the audience perspective kind of bothers me (ok, maybe that sounds really dumb).

I saw a thread a bit back with that beautifully faded ME and another member mentioned he let many of his guitars sit in the sun. I think my SC would look amazing faded (especially if it turns out half as well as that ME did). I always kind of wanted to do it but now I'm more inspired to. Here in northern Illinois we won't see real sun for some time, but my question is this:

What is the right way to do this? I don't want to damage or warp the guitar in any way. Is the sun the best? My wife said I should bring it to a tanning booth (probably not a good plan). Should I remove the hardware due to dissimilar thermal expansion properties? Any input would be greatly appreciated. I promise detailed semi pro pics before and after if I go through with it.