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Thread: EIRW Cu24 with added rosewood bits

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    EIRW Cu24 with added rosewood bits

    I decided I wanted more rosewood on my Cu24. All EIRW:

    Pickup Rings, Control Pocket cover, Trem Cover, Truss Rodd Cover, and you can't see it but a rosewood trem block which wasn't included in the shipment.
    UPDATE - 3/10/2013 Original order placed 2/10/2013

    John @ did not respond to my order for week. When he did respond, he apologized with an excuse blaming NAMM (which was over weeks before). After a couple of more e-mails, he still took another 10 days to ship my order, and when it did arrive, my rosewood tremblock was not in the shipment (though it did include and extra toggle cover and control cover). I sent an e-mail requesting to have the trem block sent, and he said he would get it right out. Waited a week, and nothing. Sent another e-mail, waited another week, no response. I would not do business with him again in the future.

    Also, the Truss Rod cover and trem cover did not fit properly(no option on order for US or SE fitment). So the truss rod cover had to be sanded down on the bottom edge to fit, and the screws on the trem cover cannot be tightened flush without the wood splitting, and have to be started in on an angle. I had to use a rasp and a small drill bit to make it fit somewhat normal.

    Granted it's only a 5-6 dollar part. But, I am about getting what I paid for. Why I play PRS. You can respond to e-mails all you want with excuses, but if you don't execute, you are worthless IMHO.

    I may still order one of the inlayed TRC from Synergy.
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