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Thread: Pernambuco vs. Chaltecoco Pernambuco

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    Oh...I wasn't suggesting that it was (or wasn't for that matter) marketed correctly. Just saying that one way or the other, it wasn't what Twinfan was thinking it was
    I do get that part of it. Honest.

    I guess myths are better, and worth more, than reality.

    Gentlemen, I'm hereby announcing that I'm going into the Streptococcoperniechocca Torch and Pitchfork business!

    I'm now taking pre-orders for these rare pitchforks and torches, made of this legendary wood, and they will only be $1000 for the pitchfork, and $500 for the torch. Deposits of 50% required to reserve yours.

    In addition, I will be marketing the Official Reproduction Honus Wagner Baseball Card, in a limited run of ten thousand, made of exactly the same cardboard as the famous original! $100,000 each, a fraction of what you'd pay for the original.

    For only $50,000 more, each card can be carefully artificially aged into "relic" status to match the look of a card kept in a shoebox in my grandmother's attic for 100 years.

    Finally, I will be marketing a reproduction of the original 1909 SVDB penny for only $500 dollars, a third what you'd pay for the real penny in a coin dealer's shop.

    PM me for more silly information.
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