I'm wanting to make some changes to the controls and pickups of my Tremonti SE Custom. I've got an HFS and waiting to get a VB, so coil tapping is a must since I don't have a guitar with this available. Since there are four control holes, could I do one volume, one tone, and two mini toggles for single coils (like 408s)? What about two volumes, one tone, and one mini toggle for tapping BOTH pickups? Are these scenarios possible with these pickups? Would mini toggles fit in the existing holes from the knobs?

Also, I've always wanted a guitar with a 5-way rotary. I can't think of a way to put that into this guitar though and fill all the holes.

I'm open to any of your crazy suggestions too

Side Note: Why do these guitars have maple necks? Doesn't that stray from the "Tremonti sound"? Maybe to offer something a little different from the other Tremonti SE already in production?