We talk about wood choices here quite a bit, but with a very strong bias to electric guitars. I think the wood has much more impact in the sound of an acoustic guitar. A while ago a did a comparison for some friends. Included are:
Brazilian body/cedar top: rings like a bell and my most played acoustic
pernambuco body/European spruce top: sounds like a church bell tower, breath taking harmonic sustain
Indian rosewood body/Engelmann spruce top: for playing with friends, a very pure but traditional sound
all mahogany: late night guitar, a very gentle voice
all koa: for mellow music, a very interesting decay
mahogany body/Sitka spruce top: a camp fire guitar that you can beat the snot out of
birch body/spruce top: my first steel string, and only one for about 30 years

I'm curious what others think of acoustic wood choices.

The long version, with photos is at: Peter's thoughts on acoustic body woods