Helloooooooo PRS!!!

New to the boards here, but officially joining the PRS family in around a week, when my 2013 SE Custom 24 in Tobacco Burst gets delivered! So I'll be having an NGD some time next Friday . Actually, this is my first real electric guitar, and "excited" barely describes how I feel right now!!!

Back to the point: I tried the guitar out at a guitar show a couple weeks back, and the neck and fretboard felt great. But I forgot to ask the PRS rep what the finish was on it. Would the back of the neck possibly have a different finish than the fretboard itself? I've looked around plenty and have not been able to find this information. Do any of you guys know? I presume if it's just one finish, it's some sort of acrylic-urethane, but I just wanted some confirmation.

Thanks everyone (or anyone)!