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Thread: How do you let good guitars go?

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    NGD: How do you let good guitars go?

    Here's my situation. I picked up a nice 1957/2008 McCarty in blueberry that the finish faded on. Kind of an impulse buy(although, I waited a couple months to pick it up). I knew going in I had guitars of a similar ilk(2 McCarty stds - 1 with 5708s 1 with 5909s). I knew the new one might be similar enough that it wouldn't be worth getting but decided to get it anyway knowing I could return it within 30 days and get something else if I wanted. So I spent a good couple hours going back and forth between the new one and my older guitars. Yes, there were definite tonal differences. I didn't find any of them remarkably better sounding. I like the new guitar A LOT. Love the faded quilt top, #95/150 and the tone. The paua hollow bird inlays look great. I don't really want to take it back. The logical side of me says, "just take it back and get something else that will add more to your tonal pallette."
    I've been wanting a piezo equipped prs for quite awhile. I even took the new guitar to a store and played it back to back with a HB II, SC HB II and a P22. I liked the SC HB II the best. That particular one sold a day later. I found another one that I love the looks of - fabulous top & back. Can't play it because its too far away.
    So how do you let a really nice guitar go? I'm not one who can afford to keep both new guitars and I'm not really willing to give up any of my current older guitars.

    I realize there are far worse problems to have and feel extremely fortunate to have 5 or 6 prs that I love.
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