Every once in a while I get called to do some spiritual/yoga type music, usually I am just doing droning soundscapes with some tabla loops and collect my check, but today something a little different showed up in my inbox.

I got a four minute solo vocal that I am supposed to accompany on acoustic guitar, no click, no reference tones, no idea what she's singing (although I do know it is for a rape recovery center in India) what the heck am I supposed to do? I don't even own an acoustic guitar, nylon yes, but not a steel string so I am totally going to have to borrow one.

I was assured that the session I got will not be the final vocal take, so I will set up a click track and she will eventually sing over what I have done, but what am I supposed to do? Does anybody have any suggestions for acoustic guitar examples that sound kind of indianish besides John McLaughlin's Shakti? I'm youtubing but thought I would ask around here too.