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Thread: New Studio - Do you know this guy?

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    Hahha thats amazing. A few years ago Fred Armisan made a fake drum instruction DVD that's hysterical. It's called "Really Complicated Drumming with Jenns Hannemann "

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    I love the kick drum pattern! LOL

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    If I'd known that was a fake instructional video, I wouldn't have spent so much time on it. And my drum programming would probably sound much better!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Goldtop View Post
    Hahahahaha!!! YOU GOT ME!!! I mix up their names all the time. I know who I mean, but my typin' fingers don't!

    You made my morning, so thank you!

    It was my pleasure
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    Quote Originally Posted by LSchefman View Post
    Got back this link from a buddy I sent the studio link to...

    A digitally altered version of "Riders on the Storm" in MAJOR key...sounds almost...strange.
    O M G a 'sweet' version of the Doors....
    Check it out: Phillybri used to have a band: Resonance, but he's soooo missingpieces over them now!
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