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    Hi guys,
    I just have bought my first PRS new Signature Limited 2012. Beautiful eriza verde color with tremolo and neck made of "sinker" mahogany. Sounding very good, however I have one question. I am owning US Tele Deluxe maple neck and Suhr 10th. Anniversary LE. After my first testing of this PRS I found out that sound is completely different than those two other guitars. It is not a problem of course, because I am sure I will get used to different sound, sooner or later develop the taste for delicate PRS tone color, but there is one thing which is bothering me. Regardless of differences between those three guitars, it is a very simple fact that when i play legato on Suhr it is almost as loud as string pick. In Tele case it is similar as well, but when i play legato on PRS it sounds muted and tones don't sound even. For me is more important how guitar sounds without being plugged into amp than chasing the tone by amp and pickups. I hope there is some reasonable explanation because I don't want to sell this beautiful guitar. All answers are appreciated

    Chambered and semi hollow guitars always resonate more. All of my PRSs are now semi hollow with trems. Magical combination. That is what you are hearing, especially when unplugged. My Strat and tele rang louder than my PRS solidbodys acoustically too, but they dont ring louder than my PRS semi hollows. Sell that sig, save some money and pick up a CU22 semi hollow LTD. One of the best sounding guitars PRS has ever made IMO, and it will ring like a bell acoustically and especially plugged in. Killer 57/08 pups as well. WHAT a guitar!

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