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Thread: PRS Amp Settings - share the love!

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    PRS Amp Settings - share the love!

    My pet peeve is finally being able to audition that ultra-cool amp that you've GASed for, only to have NO idea how to dial the amp in. I don't mean not being able to eventually find a good sound (it's all subjective) but to get the sound that drove you to that amp in the first place. For me, it was David Grissom with that low end growl and high string bloom. If you're at GC or Willcutt's or the Mom-n-Pop shop down the street, you only have a limited time to find that sound. How did he do that??!! And after monkey-ing around for 30 minutes, you lose interest. I want to help you avoid this disappointment!

    Tip #1: PRS amps have truly musical tone controls throughout their entire range. Start with treb/mid/bass at 12:00.

    Super Dallas: My current settings: V: 10:00, R: 7:00, T: 11:00, M: 2:00, B: 8:00, M: 3:00

    Does anyone know where DG sets his with a 2x12?

    (I'm not going to pretend that I know very much about the HXDA. Tip #1 still applies to a degree, but we have pros here. I'll let them comment)
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