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Thread: Best ear plugs?

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    Quote Originally Posted by John Beef View Post
    That said, I am going to go ahead and shell out $130 for custom molded ones. The place that does the molds is in walking distance of my work and I'm just tired of dealing with the cheaper stuff.
    I forgot to update. I received these (Westones) and they are truly awesome. I had a set maybe 8 or 10 years ago, these are much improved as far as fit and how well they stay in my ear when I sweat and move around. They create the seal that especially in my left ear is so hard for me to get right with regular earplugs. They sound much better, everything sounds so much brighter and clearer. Worth every penny (as long as I don't lose them). Also, another improvement is if I do lose one, they have a computerized image of the molds, so I can just call and order another, no need to get re-fitted.
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    Wish I would have been asking your question long ago. I've been running Super and Twin Reverbs almost since the beginning, been listening to iPods with earbuds, and have been front row to numerous rowdy rock n' roll shows. Yeah, I crank my treble and go "What?!" a lot. I see an ENT here soon because I got an ear infection a while back and it ruptured my eardrum and I've been battling vertigo ever since. My high end is all gone though (or almost) according to an audiologist. And I'm only 25.

    Protect your hearing. Sure wish I would have done so a long time ago.

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