I own a CE22 that I use a fair bit. Recently I was playing for a "live" recording, 10 songs - one evening in two takes. I bought my standard setup, the ce22, axefx + controller that I've been using for years. Its been very reliable up till now. Anyway of course, 10 seconds before we launch into the first song I do my standard thwack the strings and check I have audio and.... you guessed it... nothing. Not a sound. Ok weird... I start checking the cables / settings etc. And everything seems fine. So I swap out the jack to jack between the guitar and the amp. Still nothing. Yank the wah from the signal path. Nothing. The guys are all looking at me in amusement. And I'm like "find me a hole to crawl into".

So I swap the guitar out for my Les Paul because at this point I just want some sound, and it fires up and I have sound. Lucky I had the LP, I almost didn't bring it.

Anyway, the guitar is still broken. I plugged it in later at home and there is like 15% of it's normal volume across all the pickups. All the wiring is intact so far as I can tell (I know electronics, make my own PCBs etc, built my own strat wiring harness). The circuit is completely stock from the factory. 5 point rotary switch for pickup selection. Standard two humbucker setup with coil taps etc.

What I'm wondering is there a known problem that can cause this?