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If you read my post above (post 75), you see that I have already raised this issue.

The outline of the PRS Guitar is theirs, Bennett. We just have the bad taste to borrow it. Even if the company never makes a TRC for the forum, I believe that they will eventually make one as I described (without the 'orum') for their own use - the design is just too cool not to.

They already have it on several t-shirts. it is only a matter of time until they put it on a TRC.

The word 'forum' differentiates us enough, and I don't believe the company would ever put a TRC with the word 'forum' on it on a production guitar unless it was a special production run for us.

Giving them options to decrease their tooling costs not only makes it less expensive for us, but makes it more likely to actually happen.
I can't disagree with anything you've said. Only trying to emphasize that in recognizing all the valid points made above....in the final analysis....the further our TRC is from any potential iteration of it that becomes mass produced...the better for me anyway. Obviously I can't speak for others on this topic, or "sub-concept" if you will.