I was pretty entrepreneurial even as a kid. If there was someone that paid to have their lawn mowed in my small town of 700 I had the gig. I had flyers, promotions, the works. At school I stuffed cooler style lunch boxes one on top of the other in my locker and sold cold drinks and snacks from them in between classes. The school was shutting me down left and right. They eventually gave up. Apparently the kid who wanted a few bucks to score new music had more heart.

All that kid stuff aside my first real job was waiting tables. Where I am from you drove 40 or so minutes to get anywhere with a stop light so after school I would drive to Cape Girardeau, MO where I waited tables at a Pizza Hut. It was awesome. The tips added up quickly and pretty soon I was rolling in new albums. I was also the only guy that waited tables. So there I was stuck in the middle of an all female wait staff getting the all girl tables. It was a dangerous job, but someone had to do it.

Your first real job - what was it?