Hi all,

I'm a newbie to the forum so thought as a way of introducing myself i would a couple of pics of my current PRS guitars.

After owning a couple of the SE models, last year i decided to take the plunge a buy a 2004 Custom 24 in Whale Blue with birds - a dream guitar for me. It doesn't have a 10 top, but the flamed maple on this guitar is lovely.
I bought it secondhand, however the previous owner had swapped out the original PRS pickups with a pair of Bareknuckle's Steve Stephens signature Rebel Yell pickups, its sounds awesome through my Mesa Dual Rec.
After selling my previous amp, a Marshall TSL 100 watt head, and a Gibson Les Paul Studio in Alpine White, a local guitar shop had a PRS Single SC250 in Royal Blue with 10 Top at a very appealing price! Needless to say it was an easy decision and i picked up the guitar last week and gigged it that evening. It is an awesome guitar, amazing tone from both pickups with sustain which just goes on and on. I have owned several Gibson Les Paul's previously and none of them have sounded as good or played as well as the SC250. Anyway, check out the pics and feel free to leave a comment. I'm already planning on selling one of my other guitars and a few surplus pedals to get another PRS - maybe another Custom 24, or a 22, maybe a 513, or a Singlecut Trem, or a Tremonti..... i think i need help!!

Enjoy the pics and cheers for now!