I posted a reply on the PS Friday thread that included Mr. McGoo. That got me thinking. There are some old TV shows that would just be plain old Politically Incorrect these days.

I'm dating myself, but I can easily recall the aforementioned cartoon that mocked blindness. It also mocked Orientals, as personified by his man-servant Charlie.

Another PI cartoon was the old "Dick Tracy Show". It featured characters that including Joe Jitsu (again, mocking Orientals) and Heapo Calorie (mocking obese people) and a few others that thankfully escape me now.

If you want to include old TV commercials, than "The Frito Bandito" comes to mind at once.

I am going to avoid going back to radio, but wasn't "Amos 'N Andy" on TV also??...somewhat PI if you ask me.

Wow...didn't the "Jack Benny Show" feature his servant "Steppenfetchit"??

None of these shows would be allowed on commercial TV these days, and the producers would be run out of town after being tarred and feathered.

Without insulting anyone, and with tongues firmly in cheek...does anyone else recall any shows that would be deemed "socially inappropriate" these days? And remember...this is for entertainment only. We are not looking to make fun of anyone here. But, it could be interesting to examine how culture has changed on Television from past to present.