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Thread: Spec Your Artist Package

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    I would never pay that much for a guitar unplayed and unseen.Crazy expensive for us swedes and i really believe in going to a store checking guitars out.Doesnt matter if it says PRS on the headstock.I dont really understand the Artist package concept.Ok i would love to have a custom 22 with a maple/maple neck but i would never pay that much extra for it.
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    I gave this a bit of thought in the "Do PS sound better" thread. I'm of the option it's a safe bet, we in Australia pay just as much for PRSes than you do in Sweden (ok that's an assumption, and of course "average disposable income" needs to be factored in) but I have no hesitation ordering a new PRS and having it shipped 1/2 way across the world to me. This is partly driven by necessity, if I want a PRS, I can't go to the shop and play one, there's simply no PRS dealers in town!

    I liken it to buying a new car, ok you can take one for a test drive (ok I can't in this metaphor) but it's not the right colour and it hasn't got the right accessories, so you order your brand new car with the options you want. What's the guarantee it's going to drive, feel and go like the one you drove? There is none. However what you do have is company history and quality control, and that equates to peace of mind. You know when you buy a Toyota (a few years ago), 99.99% of them are going to be the same as the one next to in in terms of ride, handling, engine etc. If you buy, say a "Great Wall" from China (that's an actual brand), then you know there's a good chance of something going wrong with it.

    PRS = quality = peace of mind. When was the last time someone got on here and had a founded quality complaint about a USA PRS?

    Yes, granted, there's a small risk here, but if you want x guitar, in y colour, with z neck then you need to accept that risk. Why? Because the chances of someone else wanting that combination, not liking it, then flipping it, and you finding it in time to buy it, is stupid low.

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    Santana (only solid body model left that I could put a 5 way in)

    Flamer maple neck w/ ebony board, white back gold top, sell everything else and put some DII's and wingers on it.

    Then play it till the paint falls off.

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    I can't wait to see the pics of that one.

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