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Thread: PRS SE Tremonti Custom - Replacements

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    PRS SE Tremonti Custom - Replacements

    Hi guys, I'm new here.... greetings from Italy!!

    I bought a SE Tremonti Custom guitar some months ago and I am planning to replace some stock parts, I was hoping you guys could give some piece of advice.

    Tuners: I heard that Grover 406C6's are a perfect drop in replacement for them, could you confirm it?

    Nut: I have read online that PRS ACC-4204 and Graphtech TUSQ are drop-ins, is it correct? TUSQ exist in various shapes and dimensions, does anyone know the correct one for my guitar?

    Toggle Switch: I am planning on buying a Switchcraft Toggle Switch (3-way): would you say it's better the short or the tall version to fit the space inside the guitar?

    I also have the need to replace a smashed Tone Pot (bloody drunk gigs ), could you suggest the better replacement?

    thank a lot guys,

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    Hi, matt! Welcome to the forum.

    The Grover 406c's are perfect drop-ins, from what I read.

    The PRS ACC-4204 are also perfect drop-ins. As for the Graphtech, look for the PT-6643-00 model number.

    I'm not sure about the toggle switch at all...but is there any specific reason you're wanting to replace it?

    The tone pots, you can get a replacement one from PRS dealers. There are the SE pots, which is stock on your guitar, and the USA pots as well. Most of the time, the people here will steer you towards getting the USA ones, but the SE ones are decent too if you're not that picky!

    Have fun!

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    Hi there!

    I need to replace the switch for the same reason I have to replace the Tone Pot... A drunk gig ended badly

    thanks for the rest, though

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    One more thing... PRS ACC-4204 and Graphtech PT-6643-00 are both nuts to use 10-46 strings? Because I actually use 9-46 (hybrid slinky ernie ball) and need a nut that fits a .46 E...

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    The PRS nut is set-up to be fitted with 10-46, so yeah it'll work on it. I'd say the Graphtechs are the same as they're pretty much the standard. 10s are normally called regular gauge strings.

    edit: ahh, and there goes the toggle switch as well. PRS does sell replacements and you can probably get it through your PRS dealer. Otherwise, can any Switchcraft users chime in on the toggle? I'm speculating a guess that the taller one will work, since there's an approx. 1cm maple cap on your SE.
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    When I modded my boys SE singlecut with the PRS USA drop in electronics I had to change out the toggle as the SE had a much thicker face than the USA PRS. So I had to fit a tall version in it. I would assume possibly same this with the SE Tremonti as the carve is no where near as drastic as the USA thus thicker top. Could be wrong but take a look at the switch and you can see easily whether it is a tall or short.
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    If you have the finances to do so, send it to the PTC, They can do Core (USA) frets, pots, switches, jacks, pickups, trem, nut, tuners, refinishing. Basically whatever you would like, yes even to a SE. So if you have a found a 100% keeper, they can change it almost to whatever you would like. The main thing is they will not do custom colors, but the production colors are generally around 40+ so there are some options.

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    What i have done to mine:

    CTS Modren Mack Volume Pots
    Gold pointer washers on the Volumes
    BRIDGE: Di Marzio Crunch Lab (Mark actually was looking at it weird when i got it [guitar] signed)
    NECK: PRS McCarty Bass (underestimated neck pickup i think)

    Whats is planned:
    CTS Modren back tone pot for bridge pickup
    Alpha Push/Pull for coil tapping both Bridge & Neck
    Gold Pointer Washers on Tone knobs
    Orange Drop Caps
    100 ohm resistor mod across the Caps (A Personal mod to keep a bit of the high end when the tone knob starts to get a bit boomy in the low end, sorta like the Fender Greasebucket circuit but not as potent and cutting)

    What i don't envisage changing:
    Nut - Its good enough for me
    Tuners - Ditto
    Switch - The quality is good enough and i don't want the hassle
    Anything else as guitar if fine!

    Mine is heavy as hell at the 12lbs mark and has tone to match!
    2008 PRS SE Mike Mushok Model Silverburst (On the bench awaiting USA Electronics and some hardware mods)
    2012 PRS Mark Tremonti Model Solana Burst 10 Top (Stock apart from Schaller Strap Locks)
    2013 PRS SE Tremonti Custom Whale Blue (Di Marzio Crunch Lab/PRS McCarty Bass)
    Follow me on Twitter: @ESPImperium

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    Mods I did to mine ...

    * PRS 1985 T/B reissue pickups
    * Switchcraft and CTS electronics
    * Re-configured vol/tone controls ala LP
    * Schaller strap locks
    * Tusq nut
    * PRS Phase II tuners
    * Refinished headstock (PRS Signature)
    * Personalized TRC
    * Ebony tuner buttons (not pictured)

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