I'm new to the forum and to PRS guitars.
I recently purchased a 2003 CE24 and am loving it. It has the 5 way rotary selector and the HFS/VB pups.

Until now I've been a devout Les Paul player and I tend to use the middle position, 2 humbucker sound for crunchy rhythm playing.

Much as I like the sounds on my CE24 I do miss that double humbucker sound. The "mid" position on my rotary gives a nice crunchy sound but it lacks a bit of the girth I get from my Les Paul.

Now the question, if I replace the 5 way rotary with a 3 way toggle and a push/pull tone for coil splitting will I be able to get the bridge and neck humbuckers together?
And, will I lose the current "mid" position tone (which I quite like, it's like a fat strat without all the hum!).

Ideally I would like to have the following -

Without coil taps -
1) Neck humbucker
2) Both humbuckers
3) Bridge humbucker

With Coil taps
1) Neck single coil
2) Neck & bridge inner coils (is this what rotary mid position usually gives?)
3) Bridge single coil

My alternative thinking is to sell another body organ and buy either a Custom 24 or a singlecut, however I'd love to be able to get all the tones I want out of my CE and retain the use of both kidneys.

Thanks in advance.