I know this has kind of been asked before and I've seen aristotle's helpful videos. But just was curious for any more observations.

I guess I'm trying to see if the HX/DA switches ultimately make it a more flexible amp? I love the core tone of the MDT and it cleans up well. It seems to be punchier in the lower mids than the HX/DA, and possibly has more gain? That I can't quite tell.

I dig what the HX/DA does, it replicates some really benchmark tones in rock history amazingly well. I guess I'm concerned that it is too vintage, whereas it seems like MDT is kind of its own particular thing, especially in the fat, singing lead tone department.

But I really like both and you all seem to rave about both. I'm not sure i can find a shop to try both.

Anyways, I've given you a topic, discuss (again, please)