Gotta type fast before my wife gets out of traffic and we go meet her for dinner (and later tonight is a Vintage Trouble show - if you haven't seen them, do!!!)...

Went to my local pusher today - day one of their annual March Madness sale. Only a couple things in the flyer I was really interested in, the main thing being a bass amplifier plug-in. But I digress...

After Experience 2011, I was at the dealer chatting about Experience and they asked what I'd seen there that looked good. I told them the hit of the weekend was the SE Acoustics. Since then, I've been waiting, mostly patiently, for them to get an SE Custom with electronics. They got one a couple days ago.

Now they have none.

The salesman I usually deal with was with someone else, so another guy was taking care of this. As he was wiping it off and such, my usual guy walked past, saw me, said hi and said, "Oh, hey - we got..." and I said, "Not anymore you don't." He just laughed.

I texted a picture to my wife and said, "Look what followed me - can I keep it?"

Not a lot of time to play with it yet, but tom'w maybe... Maybe better pics, too.

(Hey Shawn - do the SEs come with a truss rod wrench? Because there wasn't one in the bag in the case. No biggie if it's the standard size.)