Here is my 2011 PS Santana, AKA "Serenity". The neck is Pernambcco. I wasn't concerned about the "wings" of the neck fading until I read about the recent and somewhat controversial "Pernambuco vs. Pernambuco/Chaltecoco" issue.

I will show you how the wings of the heel have faded over the past two years. Not a major concern to me...unless the wings are fading due to a "different type of pernambuco" used to complete the headstock.

While some of you might think that this is a private matter between PRS customer service and myself...I think that after the recent controversy....the entire forum needs reassurance (I know I do) that the "Old, genuine Pernambuco" was not compromised by an alternate wood when completing the headstock.

Since I can't show my #3340 without including a glamor shot or is "Serenity" almost 2 years later....and if anyone can comment on the fading...and if anyone representing the company would care to chime in.....are the "wings" made from the same wood that was used to make the entire neck??? If so, I am fine. If, however, a different type of wood was used to complete the headstock...then we might have an issue to resolve.

I look forward to the anticipated reassurance. BTW..."Serenity" was the very first "Jade Glow" and the PS staining team and I created this color with my goal being a "green burst". I really think they nailed it.

Full frontal nudity:

Front of Headstock....Brazilian veneer, and nothing noticeable:

Not to obvious from this angle:

But a bit more apparent here:

And here:

Here is a shot of the entire neck, FWIW:

Thoughts? Same wood? Different wood?