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Thread: Annual NC BBQ, Beer, and Gear April 13th

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    Annual NC BBQ, Beer, and Gear April 13th

    Hey Guys

    Well that time is fast approaching once again!!! This year it will be Saturday April 13th, 2013. I will be renting out the clubhouse again as I did the last few years which can house around 200 people. This year I will try to setup some known good electrical outlets beforehand, vice finding out after we setup a bunch of amps!! LOL. For any that are interested, just drop a line here. I will send out a few personal invites to the local builders again....over the years we had quite a list!! Ron Thorn flew in, Jack Briggs, Ossie and Greg from 3 Monkeys Amps, Stike from Rowyco Custom paint and a few others I cant remember off the top of my head...the entire Maryland contingent made the trek, we had my buddy Dave drive down all the way from New Hampshire!! We have had some truly a GREAT times and and it seems to get bigger and better every single year!

    We like to say its about the guitars, but honestly its more about meeting up, having a few beers, having some good BBQ, and just kicking off the summer with a handful of mojo!! Anyone is welcome to join in....if anyone needs ANY HELP I am more than happy to do all I can!!

    Few years of group photos




    For those not familiar, I live within 5 minutes of RDU airport anf htere are probably 10 - 15 hotels all within 5 miles of the house that are less than 75 bucks a night. We will usually have a get together at my house on friday night with some of the regulars that come every year and hang out drinking while I cook 100 lbs of pork for 24 hours on a BGE and a competition pellet smoker. On Saturday around 11 am or so people all just start rolling in and the get together is usually over around 6-7 pm and we hit one of the local establishments up that has a live band that day. I will try to keep an active roll call of who all is coming so we know about how much food to make and just roll with it.
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