About a month ago, I got my first PRS - a Custom 22 with tremolo, what was described as "old school" bird inlays.

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You are mine!

I'm loving the guitar on many levels, but it has the lowest action of three electrics I currently own and while I'm seeing the obvious benefits of this on many levels, it's a bit of an issue for bends. On my other guitars, I can keep the adjacent, unbent string balanced on the tip of my bending finger for a really clean bend. With the low action of the CU22, there's no choice but to have the unbent string creep under the bending finger. Maybe I'll get used to this, and the intonation and other playability aspects of this guitar are light years ahead of anything else I've played. I've had no problem fixing intonation and action issues on my Les Paul and SG, but am a bit wary of the PRS trem bridge due to the dire warnings about the knife edge. I gather you don't necessarily have to mess with the pivot screws to change the action height - would be a matter of adjusting the pairs of tiny allen screws on the saddles and then re-intonating. However this guitar is just so dialed in from the factory I'm not sure I want to mess with it... (lame, I know)

I realize this would be more informative if I could give some measurements of action heights on the PRS and the other guitars I'm comparing with, but don't have this on hand right now. Also wondering if a slight raise of action wouldn't bring out a bit more punch in the tone, but this seems to be a controversial topic.

Thanks for any comments on this -