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Thread: Stoptail - SE vs USA?

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    Stoptail - SE vs USA?

    Anyone know what the SE wraparound is made of? I know the US is aluminum... Is it a substantial upgrade for an SE guitar?

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    I believe it's 'pot metal'. Not sure of the excact metals... Zinc and others perhaps....?

    The US ones will be machined metal but the SE ones are likely cast, hence 'pot metal'.

    Not sure if they're a significant upgrade. I have no real issues with the materials of mine but the tolerance could be better on the posts as there's a bit of lean without locking studs.

    Maybe someone with both bridges can give you a better answer regards it being worth the upgrade.
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    I think it was Frankie who did before and after tests. There was a noticeable tonal improvement from what I remember.
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