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Thread: I dream in Paisley.........

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    I dream in Paisley.........

    So.... I literally had a dream about building a Private Stock guitar last year. I even spoke with the PS boys at the EXP about it. They were all scratching their heads. Why? Because I wanted a Paisley covered guitar. The actual cloth they use on the amps. I didn't want any clear coat on it. Nuthin'! If it gets dirty or sweaty, so be it. I wanted amp knobs on it. I had a ton of ideas. So, we talked & I talked to Morgan Guitars & he talked to PRS & everybody was still scratching their heads. Wondering if the tone would suffer. Will it get dirty. Stuff like that.
    So, I thought I'd take down a notch & try it on an SE. So I got in touch with Shawn & he was down with it from the get-go. I was gonna keep it a secret so I would have the 1st PS Paisley, but because of my current situation I don't see a PS in my immediate future. So here's my idea made possible by the boys in the PTC. Thanks to Shawn & 'da boys!!

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