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Thread: Locking tuners

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    Locking tuners

    Looking into buying a PRS SE custom 24. I would like to put a set of locking tuners on it, can this be done and how hard would it be?

    Thanks Russ

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    There are a couple of types that are direct drop in replacements that require no drilling, one set I know are the Grover 406c's, which PRS customer service recommended to me. Very easy to do yourself.
    -I'm no expert, but it seems to work and I haven't electrocuted myself yet. Which is pretty much the standard I live by.

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    I used schaller 3 on a side. model M6. Very nice and direct drop in. I modded my SE 24 with them as well as got the 5 way prs switch. Currently deciding on what pickups to install. 59/09 or go old school with VB/HFS.

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