A little time back, I bought what has turned out to be my favourite guitar in my now shrinking arsenal of electric guitars. On a budget, I still can not afford to buy all of my dream guitars, guitar prices being about double here in Norway, sometimes less, sometimes more. So I found a great looking used mint version of the shockingly pretty PRS SE Dave Navarro in sharp white, on Musician's friend. Still, with absurdly high shipping and about 30 % added in local taxes, it was a good purchase. I immediately fell in love with the guitar. The smoothness of the board, the sounds, the looks... everything. It has become my go-to guitar both for practice and gigging.

But it has a bit of a problem, that I realised after a while. It comes out of tune all the time, every time, every minute, with or without using the tremolo. It came with a set-up from MF, so I figured it was allright. I haven't had a pro take look at it, not that I don't respect their work immensely, but I would like to learn proper guitar set-up myself, that is, for me, part of the thing with guitars. And I'm handy and interested, so that's ok.

I had originally wanted so set the action a bit lower, it's a bit high. But then I wondered if maybe the set-up on the tremolo bridge was a source of the tuning problems. It says on the PRS support pages that the height of the tremolo bridge off the body should be 1/16". On my guitar it is now about 12/64", i.e. way too high. Should I unloosen the claws and set it closer to the guitar, will this help with the tuning problems? Any suggestions, input and experience greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Guttorm Andreasen, Oslo, Norway