I have several actually.
Orianthi for sure, as she rocks a PRS and covers a wide range of music.
And her tour with Alice Cooper has her doing some very nice guitar work.

I enjoy the group Halestorm as Lizzy Hale one of the guitarists and singer is a good player.
Here is one of her videos I enjoy, but there is no actual playing in it.

Another young woman (around 26 years old now) from France who's name is Juliette plays at home shredding to music.
Have not seen her in a group, but many have posted they would like to see that.
She puts a lot of heart and soul into her playing as you can see by her expressions on her face and body language.
It would be very cool to see her do some videos of her own improv instead of just playing along with other groups songs.

I think I ran across her channel last year when doing research on the SG I was planning on buying.
Here is her channel.

Amazing player for sure, really enjoy her soling over the top of the Beatles song "I want you."