Hi, new PRS guy here. My wife got me an HB II for my Bday. It was my bucket list guitar (great wife :-) ). Been playing it about 2 weeks now. Have a couple questions:

- Strings: I like the PRS strings , it has the 11-49's on it. I mainly play Blues with some jazz and classic rock thrown in. I have broken two of the G strings. It's probably my technique (strong intermediate player), but I don't have this problem on my other guitars. PRS uses a wound G string, this is the first electric I've used with one of those. Seems like 11's are the smallest I would want to play on it, but any recommendations from those who use other strings?

- Amp: My two main amps are Fender 65 Deluxe Reverb and a mesa boogie mini rec. Was thinking of getting a new head to match this guitar. I really like the mesa
TransAtlantic TA-30, but was checking out the PRS amps. They look great but don't know anything about them. Any advice appreciated.