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Thread: Remember The Alamo

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    Remember The Alamo

    Today is a very special day for Texas, and hopefully for all Proud, Loyal, True Texans like myself. Today marks the anniversary of the day The Alamo fell, but it also marks a turning point in the fight for Texas' Independence. The phrase "Remember The Alamo" ultimately became a rallying cry, a motto, and an attitude.

    If you care about history, bravery, courage, honor, determination, and the willingness to stand for (and die for) your beliefs, I urge you to learn about The Alamo. I'm humbled and honored to be a part of what I consider the greatest state in the Nation, and I hope you are each as proud of - and as loyal to - your state/city/county/province/country as I am mine.

    * Remember The Alamo *

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