If you compare the pickup wiring diagram here: http://www.prsguitars.com/csc/schematics/pickups.pdf with the wiring shown for a 3-way switch: http://www.prsguitars.com/csc/schema...3waytoggle.pdf, there is an obvious problem. For single coil operation, it is recommended to move the hot on treble and move the ground on bass. However, if you look closely at the wiring of the three way switch, you will notice it changes the bridge pickup ground to bridge pickup red (split), and the neck pickup hot to neck pickup red (split).

This appears to be raising the ground on the treble and lowering the hot on the bass, which according to the pickup wiring diagram, gives you the screw side of the coils, not the slug side, as recommended. The wire colors described by both diagrams match, but the wiring does not.

Is this in fact the way the three way switch is wired, are the recommendations wrong, or have I somehow misread these schematics?

I have tried both slug side and screw side pickup splits, and personally didn't find much of a difference in tone (however this was far from a thorough A/B test). What is the reason it is recommended to use slug side?