All this Obeche talk has got me wondering, and I could be doing myself a big disservice here...

I contemplated picking up a Starla X a while back, it seemed excellent value for money, it's light, they look cool. I asked on another forum what the deal was, would it be cool with some 57/08s or 53/10s in there, and didn't get any positive responses.

Now we're seeing a bunch of Private Stocks using this wood and pickups (albeit with a Maple top) so I'm wondering if the Starla X is a bit of a dark horse, and I should look at picking one up (I think it would make a great guitar for my daughter, being light and relatively inexpensive).

What's peoples opinions of these guitars (now...), and would they work with some different pickups (I'm wondering if regular Starla PUs would rock in there too!)