First time poster here but I've been around the other non affiliated forums...
I've been wanting an Angelus for a while and I'm looking to get any feedback on woods used. As a longtime player of old Brazilian/Adirondack Martins I know I love the tone of that combo. I live in the middle of nowhere so test driving anything isn't easy. I know a few Brazilian Angelus guitars are floating around but I have no experience with the top woods used (Euro spruce, etc). I am assuming the combos are selected because they work very well together but as we all know they don't hand these guitars out for free and it's a stretch for me to swing it.
Of course, I'd love to have my own PS Angelus done with Brazilian/Adirondack and malachite inlays, etc. but I hesitate to order something without having logged any time on something similar. Any insights out there?