Recently, I've read about two engineers/producers - Ken Caillat (in his book "Making Rumours", about the Fleetwood Mac album) and Alan Parsons in an issue of Premiere Guitar from last year (hey, I'm behind - one of these years I'll get to those 2009 issues of Acoustic Guitar and VIntage Guitar!).

Both of them said the same thing - that one of the big reasons they feel that older recordings sound better is because they were limited in the number of tracks they had to work with, so they had to figure out what sound they needed and commit to it, as opposed to what we can do today, which is record a bunch of different possibilities or leave ourselves some flexibility until later in the process, only to become bogged down in potential choices.

So, for those of you who record - do you print or ponder? Do you get your sound and record it and work with that, or do you record a drier sound and make your processing decisions later?

I tend to print - I'll record most of my effects while I play, maybe adding some reverb or something later in the process, but for the most part, what I record tends to be my target sound. One of the few exceptions (for non-MIDIed instruments) is acoustic guitar - I usually run that through an Aphex exciter after recording, and then maybe through reverb or modulation.